General principles and the party’s vision

We will do politics differently, by being leaders who show the public the worthiness of our policies, which aim to improve Quebec’s long-term situation. Governing better means making choices needed for the present and future of society, even if these choices are unpopular and require sacrifices.

We are aware that power affects one’s sense of judgement and the courage of one’s convictions. We will try not to modify our actions and positions according to their electoral consequences.

For us, social justice means that each citizen contributes to the advancement of society to the best of his or her abilities and that, in exchange, society will adequately but solely help the truly needy. For this reason, a culture based on merit and effort must be brought back into the mentality of our society.

We advocate freedom of choice, self-reliance, and individual accountability. We will thus follow rules of honourable conduct within the party without waiting for laws to be enacted.

As much as possible, we will rigorously base our decisions and positions on verifiable information instead of on perceptions or beliefs.