Statements on what needs to be improved

Our province is seriously in debt because the public is demanding an ever-growing number of costly and sometimes dubious programs that are making our citizens dependent and irresponsible.

There is a flagrant inconsistency between the supposed priorities of citizens and government and the actions they take.

Government, public bodies, and citizens are meddling in areas they are not qualified to deal with while neglecting those for which they are, thus making the system inefficient and costly.

Most of today’s politicians focus their efforts on satisfying the whims of pressure groups and noisy minorities to buy votes while not attending to the silent majority who pay without complaining openly.

Governments make decisions and create programs solely on the basis of recommendations from experts who are often disconnected from reality and who give little weight to “common sense.”

Note: Things that are doing fine in Quebec are not mentioned here, but we will try to identify them and, above all, we will not aim to change them.