Strategies and goals

Inform the public about the government’s finances and the excessive government intervention that is harming the development of our society and mortgaging our future, with a view to encouraging a culture of self-reliant citizens who contribute to society.

Readjust the mandates and roles of the government, of public bodies of all sorts, and of citizens to bring them into line with their initial missions and ensure that everyone will comply.

Cut government spending to reduce the debt and to leave taxpayers with more money so that they themselves may decide how to use it.

Carefully select and fund those services that are essential to the public and those programs we need for the future of society and eliminate all others that make our citizens dependent and irresponsible.

With assistance from citizens with real-life expertise, develop and introduce simple, inexpensive solutions that will produce results quickly, before undertaking comprehensive, far-reaching reforms.

Bring together those citizens who adhere to the party’s basic values and are motivated to build and work toward a kind of society that will give Quebec a better present and future within Canada.