Teach economics in high school, and not compulsory saving

Two thirds of all Québécois want the government to bring in a compulsory savings plan. They doubt that the public pension plans can provide them with an acceptable level of income when they retire (see reference). So, yet again, the citizens want to be mothered by the government, after complaining they pay too much tax. How do you think governments will cut back their spending and...

Yes to a Department for the Status of Men

The status of men needs to be improved in Quebec (see reference to J. Jacques Samson’s column). This is one of the party’s fundamental values.
Men are doing very poorly in Quebec. And we’re not against women! The situation is very serious because it affects half the population. This isn’t just an opinion. The facts are available to prove it. We have the support of many women who care about ...

The PQ’s gift to Philippe Couillard in Viau: more shenanigans from the old parties

Pauline Marois has offered not to run a PQ candidate against Philippe Couillard if he runs in Viau for the by-election that may soon be called. This practice of letting a candidate run unopposed is a direct attack on democracy and shows disrespect for PQ voters, who will be deprived of the possibility of supporting their own party. It’s certainly not by this kind of hanky-panky that old parties like the Parti Québécois will improve the way politics is seen and get more people to vote.

Health care costs and bonuses unjustified. Time to clean house – Press release

Here’s another example that has convinced Équipe autonomiste of the need to correct the way hospitals are run by management and unions.

Did you know that on top of night-shift, evening-shift, and weekend bonuses, there are bonuses for critical care? (ref. 1 page 9 and ref. 2). When a respiratory therapist in an intensive care unit or an emergency department is assigned a patient, this employee is entitled to ...

Congratulations to Daniel Beaulieu for his citizen involvement in municipal politics

Équipe autonomiste wishes to congratulate Daniel Beaulieu for his courage and determination. He decided to get actively involved in politics despite the scandals and the widespread disillusionment with politicians at all levels. Beaulieu is acting on his convictions and is taking part in the development of his city by creating a new municipal party: l'Alliance de Québec (see reference below), a party that will convey his values and vision of city management. His strategy is to develop a solid opposition and get Mayor Labeaume to do a better job. It seems a very laudable strategy, since it has proven itself on the provincial and federal levels when minority governments have had to...

Protect our children and their fathers from the shortcomings of Quebec’s legal system

Currently, our legal system lets women destroy the lives of their children and their ex-husbands without being punished. When a woman files a conjugal violence complaint, the police MUST arrest the man without asking any questions, regardless of whether the complaint is founded or not. This is the procedure required by the conjugal violence intervention policy that has been in effect since 1995 (ref. 1). Thus, each year, thousands of innocent fathers are arrested in front of their children and...

Let’s select immigrants according to their values and not their language

When selecting immigrants, the Parti Québécois wants to give even more importance to the ability to speak French (ref. 1). Équipe autonomiste disapproves of this decision and feels it’s easier to teach French to an immigrant who has the same values as we do than to change the mentality of a French-speaking immigrant whose values are CONTRARY to our own. Our party has a proposal on this subject (ref. 2). Furthermore, we refuse to be smeared as racists because...

Limit abuse of mandatory overtime for nursing staff

At Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis, managers have dealt with chronic understaffing by routinely making use of unscheduled mandatory overtime, thus pushing the nursing staff to the brink of exhaustion (ref. 1). According to the Human Resources Department, “the hospital has been working for several months with the union to remedy the situation” (ref. 2). Several months? Meanwhile, the staff are being ingenuously asked to put in overtime with no concern for either them or their families, who must bear the consequences. Nor is there any concern about the impact on the quality of patient care. Overtime should be required only for unforeseen contingencies. Équipe autonomiste feels that employers and unions are being irresponsible by not giving ...

An invitation to a public consultation on immigration to Canada

Équipe autonomiste is encouraging its members, its sympathizers, and all citizens to take part in an online consultation organized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The online questionnaire is open for input until August 31, 2013.

Preserve good farmland for the future

With reference to the article, Équipe autonomiste supports the Union des producteurs agricoles (Union of Agricultural Producers) in its opposition to the proposed railway station in the municipality of Mirabel. Good farmland accounts for a tiny proportion of Quebec’s land surface, barely 2%. It’s a heritage to be preserved for our future generations.


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