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Yes to a Department for the Status of Men

The status of men needs to be improved in Quebec (see reference to J. Jacques Samson’s column). This is one of the party’s fundamental values.
Men are doing very poorly in Quebec. And we’re not against women! The situation is very serious because it affects half the population. This isn’t just an opinion. The facts are available to prove it. We have the support of many women who care about ...

Not what you may have thought: Québécois and Canadians hold the same views on unreasonable accommodation - News item

Contrary to a message being spread by the media and by many politicians, Québécois and Canadians hold fairly similar views on immigrant integration and “reasonable accommodation.” In 2006, 77% of all Canadians felt that immigrants should adapt fully to Canadian culture (Fig. 31 p. 23, in Soroka and Robertson 2010). On the issue of reasonable accommodation, in 2009, 62% of all Canadians and 74% of all Québécois did not wish to modify laws and norms to accommodate minorities (Fig. 32 p. 24 in Soroka and Robertson 2010).

Multiculturalism and discrimination in Montreal - News item

“Positive discrimination” is being advocated by Louise Harel’s party Vision Montréal. In reality, it amounts to discrimination against those groups that aren’t covered by legislation for supposedly equal access to employment.

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