An invitation to a public consultation on immigration to Canada

Équipe autonomiste is encouraging its members, its sympathizers, and all citizens to take part in an online consultation organized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The online questionnaire is open for input until August 31, 2013.

The party hasn’t taken an official position yet on the number of immigrants we should receive in Quebec or in Canada, so it’s leaving the choice up to the members to express their views. Since one of our principles is “Get informed to make the right decision,” we’re encouraging people to check out the following references and facts BEFORE filling out the questionnaire:


Quebec now receives 55,000 immigrants per year. In relation to the size of its population, this is TWICE the inflow into France and the United States, which are among the world’s most welcoming countries. With a level of 27,000 per year, we would still be a leading destination for immigrants.

Quebec, like Canada, is falling behind in its efforts to integrate the immigrants it now has.
Because many of them cannot prove they have valid degrees or skills within a reasonable length of time, they end up competing for low-paying unskilled jobs.

References to read and watch:

  1. Video (6 minutes – in French only) of Mario Dumont’s interview with a co-author of the book Le remède imaginaire. This book challenges the belief that immigration: 1- lowers the mean age of the population; 2- makes a substantial economic contribution; and 3-prevents labour shortages:
  2. Video (50 minutes – in French only) of a talk by a co-author of the book Le remède imaginaire:
  3. English translation of an op-ed published in 2012 by Le Soleil “Immigration : où allons-nous ?”:
  4. A literature review of research on Canadian (and Québécois) attitudes towards integration of immigrants and multiculturalism:
  5. Video (9 minutes – in English) on immigration and population growth in the United States.

Information and online questionnaire for public input on immigration (takes 30 to 45 minutes to fill out):

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