Additional information for the article “You’re guilty” by Jean-Marc Léger

Additional information for the article “Vous êtes coupables” (You’re guilty) by Jean-Marc Léger, May 14, 2013, page 15, Journal de Québec. A member of Équipe autonomiste suggests adding the following points:

1-In the section GET INVOLVED, one could add:
“When you don’t donate to political parties that defend your ideas, you’re guilty.”

2-Because politics is everyone’s business, the following section could be added for pundits and other political observers:
When you represent a media outlet (television, newspaper, radio station, etc.) and ignore emerging or marginal political parties, you’re guilty.
When you represent a polling firm and fail to include minor parties in your polls, you’re guilty.”

It’s good to criticize… but concrete action is better!