Carelessness while driving. Time to take a hard line

Drivers are still sending text messages while driving or doing other distracting activities, despite the high risks involved. Generally low-key advertising campaigns have been tried, but without much success despite their sometimes high costs. To make people more responsible, Équipe autonomiste feels they should be shown the unvarnished truth, even if it may shock them. Since one of our party goals is to inform citizens to make them more self-reliant in their decisions and actions, we suggest the following strategy: beginning in the first grade of high school, and on TV, show ads like the rather blunt but successful one that was screened in England in 2009. See: We should also make the punishments tougher and similar to those for drunk driving: 1st offence – loss of driving rights for one year; 2nd offence – seizure of the vehicle for one year; 3rd offence – seizure and sale of the phone or the distracting accessory; 4th offence – heavy fine for the driver; 5th offence – several demerit points? Our party is already calling for amendment of the “no fault” provision so that the guilty parties will assume the consequences of their negligence.