Congratulations to Daniel Beaulieu for his citizen involvement in municipal politics

Équipe autonomiste wishes to congratulate Daniel Beaulieu for his courage and determination. He decided to get actively involved in politics despite the scandals and the widespread disillusionment with politicians at all levels. Beaulieu is acting on his convictions and is taking part in the development of his city by creating a new municipal party: l'Alliance de Québec (see reference below), a party that will convey his values and vision of city management.

His strategy is to develop a solid opposition and get Mayor Labeaume to do a better job. It seems a very laudable strategy, since it has proven itself on the provincial and federal levels when minority governments have had to face real oppositions. (The Parti Québécois minority government currently has no real opposition.) Also, several points in the program of this new party are compatible with the vision of Équipe autonomiste. For example: - strictly control spending and reduce the city’s debt; - choose realistic, inexpensive solutions (buses with less polluting gasoline) and not idealistic, exorbitant solutions (Ecolobus); - use competence as the primary hiring criterion and not so-called “positive” discrimination, which is a malicious form of discrimination; - make elected politicians accountable to the citizens.

Équipe autonomiste strongly encourages the public to become doers who will help develop and improve their society at all political levels. First, we encourage voters to get informed in order to choose the party and the candidates whose ideas are most like their own. We then help them to get to know each other and follow through on the societal project they have undertaken. Democracy aims to empower citizens by enabling them to participate in sound management of their society. This goal is possible, but only if citizens get involved. This currently is not the case for most people. Many complain, but too few really do anything to change the situation.

It’s fine to criticize ... but concrete action is better!