Denouncing pedophiles. The danger of rushing to condemn

Marc Bellemare calls it a civic action—he’s been putting up posters that warn against a presumed pedophile in Charlesbourg (see references at the end of the text). But is it a civilized action? Isn’t it much more in keeping with the Far West? A civilized action is made possible by a relatively developed civilisation and culture. Are we now stooping to a level where each and every citizen can become a vigilante? We have a very elaborate justice system with courthouses that meet the strict standards that our more advanced society has created to protect against false accusations. This system will start doing its job once the presumed pedophile has been accused. Until then, shouldn’t we, as citizens, just be more vigilant and keep watch more closely over our children? Opinion polls now show a trend towards condemning accused people before they’ve been tried. Perhaps one day you too will end up being unfairly pilloried! Équipe autonomiste wants people to be more accountable. If a presumed pedophile is prowling around your neighbourhood, tell your kids, explain the situation to them, and don’t leave them alone on the street with keys dangling from their necks. Be on the lookout but, please, don’t get paranoid.

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5-(TVA survey:
May 6, 2013
Posters being put up to denounce a presumed pedophile in Charlesbourg. Do you agree with this kind of personal initiative?
YES 79%
NO 21%
Number of votes: 3622)

5-(Sondage TVA:
6 mai 2013
Des affiches posées pour dénoncer un présumé pédophile à Charlesbourg. Êtes-vous d'accord avec ce genre d'initiative personnelle?
OUI 79%
NON 21%
Nombre de votes : 3622)