The disadvantages of cutting blindly

This is another good example of what happens when one goes about cutting a budget blindly. Among other possible moves, the rector of Université Laval is now talking of closing the Super PEPS athletic complex on weekends and evenings (Le Soleil, 2013-02-22) to reach the government’s goal of $36 million in cuts. The same newspaper had reported on March 12, 2011 that the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports had decried the rector’s salary hike of $100,000 in one year. By washing its hands, by putting the burden on the backs of others, and by taking the easy way out, the government has put itself in ridiculous situations. In some government departments, such as the Department of Finance and the Economy, there are now only two or four employees for each manager. Have you ever seen managers scrap their own positions or cut their own salaries for a budget-reduction target? It’s easier for them to cut services. This is what Équipe autonomiste denounces. When will the government clean house intelligently?