Discrimination against men

(Letter to Pauline Marois, premier, sent on March 6 by Guy Boivin)

Madame Marois,

It isn’t really right and Équipe autonomiste wishes to denounce such a situation. You’re preparing to exclude any man who comes unaccompanied by a woman to the speech you’ll be making about your life as a woman, tomorrow March 7. Be more forward-looking as premier and as a representative of Quebec society as a whole. Such attitudes of exclusion are unacceptable for a government and its representatives, and no less so on March 8, International Women’s Day, when, after the march, the evening event will be reserved for women only. You’re endorsing just what society now denounces: gender inequality. By taking part in such sexist events, you’re aiding and abetting an ideology that no longer has any reason to exist. In our society, here in Quebec, we’re striving to ensure equality for men and women alike. So you shouldn’t be excluding men if you want equality. You’re not the manager of a private club that is allowed such sort of behaviour.

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