Euthanasia, a complex issue

With the tabling yesterday of the euthanasia bill, the opposition parties rushed off to get their electorates worked up on this issue. Équipe autonomiste hasn’t taken a stand yet. Instead of acting hastily, we have put this issue to our members because it’s not so simple. Whether one talks about assisted suicide or terminal palliative sedation, the goal remains the same: euthanasia.

With this new legislation, contrary to what Claude Leblond believes, we won’t have personal control over the termination of our own lives. Yes, we can decide to die but the dirty work will be delegated to a third party, namely a physician or a medical employee—in violation of the Hippocratic Oath to save lives. Taking one’s own life is suicide but taking someone else’s is homicide. On a societal level, after the twentieth century’s great victory in vanquishing pain, we should be asking ourselves the right question: “Aren’t we passing the buck?” Instead of acting alone, we’re getting society to do it for us. This is why Équipe autonomiste is asking its members and soon-to-be members to come to a clear and informed position, before including this point in our program. Please note, the vote will be held at a future forum.