Invitation to celebrate the first year of Équipe autonomiste

Yesterday, the Charbonneau Commission again showed how much the main political parties are at the mercy of the businesses that provide so much of their election campaign funding and that enable them at all costs to get into power—and those costs are deducted from the services delivered to the public.... Revelation of these dubious practices, combined with promises not kept by parties once in power, has for several years now resulted in a great majority of voters no longer believing in our democracy. Many citizens are discouraged with the old parties and with unprincipled politicians who thirst for power. At each election, they often vote out of duty, but without motivation, knowing full well they’re going to be had once again.

We too were such citizens disappointed with a system full of lies and unkept promises. But instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and losing interest in politics, we chose to roll up our sleeves and rise to the challenge of creating our own political party. A party to our linking, so that we know what we’re voting for. A party founded on values we feel essential for the future of Quebec, while staying in Canada. A party that aims to work with citizens, according to their skills and experiences, to find solutions that will help improve the province’s situation and leave our descendants with a society they deserve and in keeping with the efforts we’ll teach them to make.

At first, many people thought our project was doomed to failure. But we’re still around, and the party will celebrate its first anniversary of official authorization on March 21, 2013. The silent majority now has a voice and can make itself heard. A soft voice for now, but one that could grow louder through the participation of everyone, big and small alike. We’re inviting you to come and inform yourselves about the party or about how this project is to be carried out. You see, none of us had any real political experience previously. Most of the leadership of Équipe autonomiste will be there for a friendly exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Thursday, March 21, 2013, at Dooly’s Henry IV, local 190, 2600 Saint-Jean Baptiste, Quebec City, starting at 5:00 p.m. Everyone’s welcome.

For more information about the party:
Phone: 418-478-1237