Like it or not, we get the politicians we deserve!

This is what I received this morning. Without pointing any fingers as harshly as we do, this article by Jean-Marc Léger (see reference at the end of the press release) aptly describes Équipe autonomiste’s vision of politics and the citizen’s role.

"You’re guilty.
By always feigning innocence, the voters are the real guilty ones.

When you repeatedly vote for a mayor despite the smell of scandal that surrounds his administration, you’re guilty.
When you decide not to vote and you let a minority choose for the majority, you’re guilty.
When you let yourself be manipulated by beautiful speeches and election promises that are seldom followed by concrete actions, you’re guilty.

When you give up and say that nothing can be done and that there’ll always be corruption in politics, you’re guilty.
When you tell people all of the political parties are the same, you’re guilty.
When you say all politicians are on the take, you’re guilty.

When you don’t pay all of your taxes, you’re guilty.
When you work or pay under the table, you’re guilty.
When you don’t want to do your share and it’s always someone else’s fault, you’re guilty.

When you don’t take time to learn about the election platforms, to visit the web sites of political parties, or to attend public meetings, you’re guilty.
When you don’t get involved in a political party to promote your choices and priorities, you’re guilty.
When you don’t invest your efforts in a cause to make this world a better place, you’re guilty.

When you say that leftwing people are just dreamers or that rightwing people are only driven by profit, you’re guilty.
When you say things were better in your day and that young people are incapable, you’re guilty.
When you can’t decide whether Quebec is a province or a country, you’re guilty.

When you don’t accept that a politician makes mistakes, you’re guilty.
When you don’t accept a politician’s admission that he doesn’t know and doesn’t have all of the solutions, you’re guilty.
When you don’t accept that a politician is telling you the truth because that would mean accepting higher taxes or fewer services, you’re guilty.

Unless the mayor has been unfailingly upright and has done wonders while staying within his budget, it’s better to change the existing administration after two terms of office. Power often corrupts people after they’ve been eight years in office.
Gilles Vaillancourt was elected mayor six times. In 2009, he was supported by 61% of the electorate and got his slate elected to 21 out of 21 council seats. No opposition was in place to stand up to him. An English philosopher once said that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Think, act, and change. If we stop getting the politicians we deserve, we’ll start getting the ones we really want.
Politicians are just a consequence of your choices. You’re the cause.
Always be wary when a politician says he wants what’s good for you. He’s right. In the end, he’ll get all of it.”

LÉGER, Jean-Marc, Vous êtes coupables, Le Journal de Québec, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Vol. XLVII No 70, p. 15.
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