Let’s select immigrants according to their values and not their language

When selecting immigrants, the Parti Québécois wants to give even more importance to the ability to speak French (ref. 1). Équipe autonomiste disapproves of this decision and feels it’s easier to teach French to an immigrant who has the same values as we do than to change the mentality of a French-speaking immigrant whose values are CONTRARY to our own. Our party has a proposal on this subject (ref. 2). Furthermore, we refuse to be smeared as racists because we feel this way on immigration. It’s not a matter of race but of ideology. We denounce this strategy of trying to make people feel guilty by smearing them, as Minister Diane de Courcy has done (ref. 3). As citizens of Quebec, and of Canada too, we must stand up to those who wish to destroy our free society that our ancestors strove so hard to build.


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