Maintain health research and cut funding for unions, says Équipe autonomiste

To reduce government spending, the Parti québécois wants to slash health research funding by $10 million. Before making any cuts in this key sector, Équipe autonomiste thinks it more appropriate to cut elsewhere so as not to harm the province’s future. For instance, the government could save over $200 million a year by scrapping the tax credit for union and professional dues. This proposal was supported by 73% of all party members at the January 19, 2013 convention.

Some will say such savings would come out of the pockets of unionized workers. This wouldn’t happen if their union dues were reduced by the same amount. To absorb this loss of revenue, the unions need only limit their spending to activities that protect workers’ rights. The unions have long been clamouring that we need to redistribute wealth, and it’s now time for them to do their part. With revenues of nearly a billion dollars per year, they clearly aren’t among the poorest in the province. In the case of professional dues, Équipe autonomiste feels these fees provide competitive advantages that amply offset their cost.