No to bill 20 and the creation of a (long-gun) firearms registry

Équipe autonomiste denounces bill 20, which aims to create a Quebec firearms registry following the scrapping in 2012 of the federal long-gun firearms registry (the registry for other types of firearms has remained in place). This Quebec registry would be an unnecessary duplication of the system for control of firearms owners now in effect in Canada, whose rules are sufficiently strict to protect the public. To possess this type of firearm, you have to take a course, pass it, and get an RCMP background check that shows you are not dangerous. Once you obtain the licence (PAL, formerly FAC), it must be presented whenever you buy firearms or ammunitions. The federal registry for licence holders remains accessible to police officers, even without the Quebec registry. Registration of each firearm is thus unnecessary. It will not deter crazy people and will have no effect on illegal firearms. It will just be one more tentacle of our gigantic government octopus. In addition to costing a lot, it will tie down many civil servants who could be more usefully employed in businesses that contribute to the actual economic development of our province.

It’s time to scale back the Quebec government. To do this, we must first stop adding all unnecessary programs, however inexpensive they may be. Équipe autonomiste is one of only two parties to be against the long-gun firearms registry in Quebec. A proposal has, to this effect, been unanimously approved by all of our party members who attended the January 19, 2013 convention.

Équipe autonomiste is encouraging all those who are against the registry to send their comments to the Quebec government: .