Preserve good farmland for the future

With reference to the article, Équipe autonomiste supports the Union des producteurs agricoles (Union of Agricultural Producers) in its opposition to the proposed railway station in the municipality of Mirabel. Good farmland accounts for a tiny proportion of Quebec’s land surface, barely 2%. It’s a heritage to be preserved for our future generations. This is part of our value #2: Fairness between generations.

  • Quebec should look out for its future and not destroy its good farmland if it wishes to remain self-reliant food-wise, at least for staple foods. A starving people is a vulnerable people.
  • With the world’s growing number of mouths to feed, preservation of productive farmland is paramount.
  • High-quality food-producing soils are formed over thousands of years. It’s immoral to destroy them or bury them under asphalt for short-term economic needs.
  • Équipe autonomiste is in favour of economic development and prosperity, but not at any price. We feel it’s possible to develop without blindly destroying.

Note: Even though this project has been shelved for an indeterminate period, the principle of preserving our heritage of fertile farmland remains just as relevant and applicable to other projects.