Protect our children and their fathers from the shortcomings of Quebec’s legal system

Currently, our legal system lets women destroy the lives of their children and their ex-husbands without being punished. When a woman files a conjugal violence complaint, the police MUST arrest the man without asking any questions, regardless of whether the complaint is founded or not. This is the procedure required by the conjugal violence intervention policy that has been in effect since 1995 (ref. 1). Thus, each year, thousands of innocent fathers are arrested in front of their children and unjustly imprisoned, on the basis of false accusations, while their accusers go unpunished (ref. 2). The psychological consequences for the children and their fathers are very serious and will impact their entire lives (ref. 3).

Conjugal violence is unacceptable, and each case is one too many. It’s no less unacceptable, however, to destroy the lives of these fathers and these children, and each case is also one too many. In a society that claims to value the family and advocates gender equality, this maliciousness is inadmissible and must stop. For Équipe autonomiste, there is an urgent need to review and correct this policy on conjugal violence to prevent further occurrences of such injustices and their ensuing tragedies. The legal system should no longer allow people to be arrested on the basis of a single declaration, and provision should be made to prosecute and severely punish people who make false accusations. Action is needed for the future of our children and our entire society.

Références :

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  3. Dictature affective. Documentary by Karina Marceau on parental alienation (when one parent denigrates the other parent so that their child will come to detest him or her) (52 min):