Équipe autonomiste denounces the discrimination against boys in high school

Équipe autonomiste has learned that, in Quebec City last week, some boys in Secondary III could not sign up (closing date: February 1, 2013) for information sessions about science-related jobs. The sessions were for girls only (see description of the incident below). Équipe autonomiste considers this practice to be totally unacceptable. Keep in mind the high dropout rate among boys and the fact that our society is supposedly against discrimination and for equality. What if such an activity had been organized just for boys? What would the feminist groups and the media be saying?
We feel this case is very serious and representative of what boys and men have to deal with in Quebec. The public needs to wake up to the injustices that are being committed to undo a wrong that no longer exists. Our young people’s future is at stake, be they girls or boys.

Description of the incident (information gathered by Équipe autonomiste):
During a Secondary III science course (15 girls and 15 boys) in the Quebec City area, a woman came to promote the program “Girls and the sciences: an electrifying duo” to encourage the students to sign up for an information day on February 16 at Université Laval. When the presentation ended, a boy asked if he could sign up because he and two friends were interested in the sciences. The presenter told him he couldn’t because it was reserved solely for girls. Another student raised his hand and said, “That kind of rule is sexist.” The presenter and the teacher smiled and said nothing more.
The boy was disappointed because he couldn’t attend the science information day. He told his mother what had happened, and she contacted the school to find out whether her son had understood correctly. The teacher confirmed that the information day was for girls only and that no such day would be scheduled for boys.
We have learned that this activity has existed since 1998, the goal being to encourage high school girls to go into the sciences. The goal is a worthy one, but is it normal, in a society supposedly against discrimination, that no equivalent information day is made available to boys? This is especially unfair because boys are dropping out of school at a much higher rate than girls are. It’s also tactless to present this wonderful activity to the whole class and then tell the boys they can’t go because it’s only for girls. This is truly unfair to the boys. They will not have the same access to information that the girls will.

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