Équipe autonomiste denounces the discrimination that the CSF (Conseil du statut de la femme) is demanding for the construction industry

If the CSF has its way, Quebec’s construction companies will have to ensure their workforce is at least 3% female (and conversely no more than 97% male). Otherwise they won’t get any government contracts. In practice, this requirement means that employers must reject male job applicants, even very competent ones, and recruit women at any price, however less competent they may be. This isn’t just legalized discrimination. It’s compulsory discrimination. It doesn’t make sense in a society where gender equality is the rule. Equality and absence of discrimination should work in both directions. Suppose we apply the CSF’s requirement to jobs where there aren’t enough men. Using the same quota principle, we should turn down competent female applicants and hire any male ones. Would that be morally acceptable and approved by society? Not likely.

The CSF is defending discrimination. Équipe autonomiste feels it’s high time to do away with this costly council that is sometimes harmful to the advancement of our society.