Équipe autonomiste will not merge with the Parti conservateur du Québec

In the media, people say the Parti conservateur du Québec (PCQ) and Équipe autonomiste (ÉA) are similar and should merge. Recently, some PCQ members have approached ÉA to discuss a merger. ÉA has decided to put a quick end to any uncertainties on this issue. We won’t do to our members what the leaders of Action démocratique du Québec did to theirs by selling their party to Coalition Avenir Québec. “Non-merger” has even been written into the party’s constitution, specifically in Article 4. Let me quote: “4. All Équipe autonomiste members in good standing who sit on a decision-making body or on a committee shall automatically swear an oath of confidentiality, which indicates that they have taken cognizance of this statutory regulation, of the code of ethics and conduct, of the mission, and of the objectives and values of the party, that they shall not enact a merger of the party, and that they shall not disclose the content of discussions held during non-public Équipe autonomiste meetings and assemblies. They shall also abide by a clause of loyalty to the other members and the party, and this throughout their participation in the party and afterwards in the event of departure. The party expects that this oath shall be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.” Yes, ÉA is a young poorly known party (it will be 1 year old on March 21, 2013). Yes, ÉA and the PCQ have some points in common on the economy. And yes, both parties truly wish to improve Quebec’s situation. But the vision and values are not the same.

Some consider ÉA to be rightwing. Perhaps we are, but not ideologically so. We’re labelled rightwing because of some of our ideas. In reality, we’re a party of ideas and solutions, not one of labels. We offer solutions that we think are needed in Quebec, regardless of whether they’re rightwing or leftwing. In any case, this kind of classification no longer seems to have the same meaning today. To those who see no difference between these two parties, we suggest they first read through the values of ÉA ( http://equipeautonomiste.ca/?q=fr/node/244 ) and compare them with those of the PCQ before drawing any conclusions. You’ll see big differences, if only in our autonomist position on the constitution and our wish to see genuine equality between men and women.

ÉA, like the PCQ, believes in the free market, in competition, and in free choice but, for us, without anarchy. Like the PCQ, ÉA denounces the monopolies of unions and student associations and would like people to have a greater range of choices. Also, it’s a known fact, competition is beneficial because it pushes people to do better and to innovate. We feel these principles apply just as much to politics. Does the PCQ wish to monopolize the political right by absorbing ÉA?

For these reasons, ÉA will not merge with the PCQ regardless of whatever new leader that party will elect. The voters, ourselves included, have had much experience with politicians who say anything for the sole purpose of coming to power, staying in office, or getting more votes. We prefer to leave the choice up to the voters. Let them freely decide which political program they will support.