Teach economics in high school, and not compulsory saving

Two thirds of all Québécois want the government to bring in a compulsory savings plan. They doubt that the public pension plans can provide them with an acceptable level of income when they retire (see reference). So, yet again, the citizens want to be mothered by the government, after complaining they pay too much tax. How do you think governments will cut back their spending and lower taxes if the public is always asking for more government action?

Équipe autonomiste rejects this approach of compulsory saving, which makes citizens less accountable. We instead propose having high school courses in economics, cutting payroll taxes for businesses to help them develop, and lowering taxes to increase the net income of workers. People will then be free to do whatever they wish with their incomes and assume the consequences. Making people self-reliant and accountable is one of the goals of our mission.

Reference: Public opinion survey on retirement. For compulsory personal savings.