Thoughts on the time change

To show how irrational people can be, we turn our clocks forward instead of adapting our working hours accordingly (for work, school, etc.). Yes, we prefer to force things by changing the actual time of day. Nowadays, there seems to be only one reason for turning the clock forward, and it’s a commercial one: “in 1986, the American barbecue and tree nursery lobby managed to convince the government to make the period of daylight-saving time begin sooner in early April, to extend the pleasure of outdoor activities.” ( Daylight-saving time gives us sunlight later in the evening, and standard time gives us sunlight earlier in the morning. But why not leave the clock alone? We have three possible choices: 1) keep standard time year-round; 2) adapt our schedules by beginning our activities earlier and ending them earlier; or 3) adopt Atlantic Standard Time. Quebec could very well justify the last choice, since a very large part of the province adjoins that region.