Turban in soccer: The cowardice of the Quebec Soccer Federation!

The Quebec Soccer Federation has caved in. It will now let soccer players wear turbans.

Quebec has chosen to be a secular society. If someone wants to wear a turban while playing soccer, even though hats are forbidden while playing, the person in charge must ask why an exception should be made. What if the answer is “For a religious principle”? The player should then be told, “Sorry! Quebec is a secular society and the same rule applies to everyone. If you don’t like the rule, you have to assume the consequences.” Otherwise, tomorrow, my nephew could play while wearing a baseball cap, since hat-wearing is now allowed. If he’s told that the only hat permitted is a turban, he can challenge this rule. He’s being denied a right that’s been given someone else in the secular society we all share, the right to wear a hat while playing.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Québécois were unafraid to throw out everything that was Catholic. Today, they quietly submit to religions that are no less illiberal, for fear of seeming xenophobic. It isn’t xenophobia to keep turbans off the soccer field. It’s the same social justice for everyone.