The weaknesses of the St. Lawrence Project of Coalition Avenir Québec

There is nothing inherently wrong in wanting to stimulate the economy, but the St. Lawrence Project of Coalition Avenir Québec will affect our supply of farmland, and that bothers us at Équipe autonomiste. Our farmland is already threatened by urbanization, so why not work more at developing a “Laurentian plan” and establishing businesses in the non-cultivable zone just on the edge of what should be reserved primarily for the Québécois and their food needs. In addition, the St. Lawrence Project is one more government intrusion into the free enterprise system and ... yet more funding ... funding to be paid with money that Quebec doesn’t have and that is handed out in often debatable ways. The Minister of Municipal Affairs at the time, Nathalie Normandeau, decried the excessively high costs of the L'escalier housing cooperative in Quebec City, which was 100% government-funded. These were top-quality apartments, solidly made of concrete, unaffordable for ordinary people and available at the discretion of a few decision makers.

There are many such examples, and Équipe autonomiste cannot help but wonder about the system of government funding.