Where to cut in health care, without sacrificing services

A good place to cut health-care spending would be in the administration of services. Our province has one of Canada’s highest ratios of managers to health-care personnel. There is much duplication of administrative positions in the organizational chart of our health-care system.

In 2010-2011, just in agencies for health care and social services, 2,983 people (including managers) were employed to administer our health-care system—up from 248 in 2008-2009. And that’s not counting those who were managers in the hospitals themselves. Under the Act respecting Health Services and Social Services, Article 340, the agencies were created to perform the duties needed to coordinate delivery of health care and social services to each region, particularly in the areas of funding, human resources, and special services. But isn’t this already the role of the Department of Health and Social Services, which occupies at least two office towers on Chemin Sainte-Foy, in Quebec City?

Équipe autonomiste wants to clean house throughout the civil service—something that the other parties have not had the courage to do.

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