Yes to elections on fixed dates, but only on Sundays

Équipe autonomiste approves the idea of the Parti Québécois to hold elections on fixed dates. Voting, however, should be on a Sunday. This would be better for everybody and less costly, making it easier to find places and staff for polling stations, and students wouldn’t miss a day of school. Équipe autonomiste has a proposal under study on this issue. We suggest holding elections once every five years, to ensure proper completion of 5-year plans. In addition, this Bill 3 would give the premier discretionary power to ask the lieutenant-governor to call an election before the scheduled election date. So there would still be partisan scheming, unless there is a penalty for calling an early election. And what about cases where a government falls (premier’s death or resignation, loss of confidence in a minority government)? Would we still have to wait until the fixed date? Ideally, wouldn’t it be better to stipulate that the Chief Electoral Officer must automatically call an election for the Sunday of the first month after dissolution of a government, which in any event cannot exceed a 5-year term of office unless re-elected? The point is worth thinking over.