Proposal 52 : Review the mandate of Loto-Québec.

Review the mandate of Loto-Québec.

This publicly owned corporation should seek to fulfil the need of people to gamble, without trying to increase this need in the population. A responsible government cannot ask Loto-Québec to bring in more revenue at any price and claim at the same time that it wants to fight poverty. The less well off are truly assisted by being encouraged to feed themselves and their families before buying lottery tickets. To fight poverty, we should apply the following measures: withdraw all video-poker machines throughout Québec, except for the casinos. Stop the online lottery and the lotteries that target young people. Also, impose fines on young people who try to buy lottery tickets and are less than 18 years old. A self-reliant province needs self-reliant individuals. The reduction in Loto-Québec revenues should be considered part of the fight against poverty.

Yeas : 68%
Nays : 32%