Équipe autonomiste was founded by citizens who wish to improve Quebec’s situation by doing politics differently and by giving everyone a chance to contribute to this effort. For us, governing means making choices for the good of society, even unpopular ones that require sacrifices. For us, social justice means that each citizen contributes to the advancement of society to the best of his or her abilities and that society adequately but solely helps the truly needy.

We advocate freedom of choice, self-reliance and individual accountability, and a society that values effort and merit. We believe that the province is seriously in debt because the public is demanding an ever-growing number of programs that make people less responsible. We feel that today’s politicians focus their efforts on satisfying the whims of noisy minorities to buy votes while not attending to the silent majority who pay without complaining openly.

Our goals:

  1. inform the public to encourage a culture of self-reliant citizens who contribute to society;
  2. cut government spending to reduce the debt and to leave taxpayers with more money;
  3. carefully select and fund those services that are essential to the public and those programs we need for the future of society;
  4. apply simple, inexpensive solutions before undertaking comprehensive reforms;
  5. bring together those citizens who adhere to the party’s values and are motivated to work toward a kind of society that will give Quebec a better present and future within Canada.