The government has not only an economic role but also a moral and ideological one. It must therefore promote socially responsible values in addition to managing public finances properly. Équipe Autonomiste has chosen its core values. The Équipe Autonomiste platform, which will be developed with a view to improving Quebec’s situation, must without exception comply with the following values:

1- Personal, collective and governmental responsibility.
The autonomy of the province, within Canada, requires personal autonomy.

  • Give people more freedom and let them assume the consequences of their choices.
  • Promote and encourage personal and collective effort.
  • Make the government facilitate more and intervene less.

2- Fairness between generations.
Ensure a decent future for our descendants and our elders.

  • Adequately pass on the knowledge we have acquired in all areas of life.
  • Efficiently manage public finances to reduce the debt.
  • Preserve the environment with a view to sustainable development.

3- The family unit.
Encourage families to care for their children so as to raise them to become responsible and autonomous adults who will contribute to society.

  • Let parents assume their roles by limiting government interventions.
  • Favour natural caregivers.
  • Ensure the well-being of our elders.

4- Fairness in implementing sexual equality
Equal importance should be given to the status of men and the status of women.

  • Give both groups the same rights.
  • Provide both groups with equivalent support services.

5- Respect for and maintenance of Québécois customs and traditions.
The Québécois should be proud of their language, values, traditions and way of life and stand firm in the face of unreasonable demands from any pressure groups.