Get Involved

The party’s development depends on everyone.

Whatever your availability or area of interest, you can contribute. All actions count, however small or big they may be.

Levels of involvement:

  1. Subscribe to the party’s newsletter or make the party known to your friends and acquaintances, in person, by e-mail, or by Facebook.
    Some personal situations or principles may prevent you from taking out membership in a political party. You can still help a party that you like.
  2. Join the party by getting a membership card.
    • Useful for showing your support for the party.
    • Improves the party’s credibility in relation to the other parties.
    • Will enable you to vote on proposals.
    • helps finance the party.
  3. Submit proposals to improve Quebec’s situation by writing on the web site.
    • Helps improve the party’s project for Quebec society (program).
  4. Make a financial contribution (See the DONATIONS box on the right).
    • Helps the financing of the party.
  5. Do volunteer work for the party.
    • Being a resource person for the party (in line with your abilities).
    • Office work.
    • Communication work.
    • Sitting on committees, including the political committee.
  6. Offer to be a local or regional delegate or submit your name to become a party candidate.
  7. By working together as a team, we’ll change things in Quebec.