Donations to political parties

By donating to a political party, you’re encouraging a party with ideas you believe in.
All donations are welcome. There are no small donations. The money is used to develop and promote the party (operating expenses, advertising, etc.)

Summary of political contribution rules in effect since January 1, 2013 (details on the Chief Electoral Officer’s site).

  • Each voter may donate a maximum of $100 per year to each of the political parties;
  • There is no longer a tax credit for political contributions;
  • For each $1.00 that a voter donates to a political party, the Chief Electoral Officer adds $2.50. Thus, a $10 donation provides the party with a total of $35 (your $10 donation + $25 added by the Chief Electoral Officer).

Make a donation by going to the Chief Electoral Officer’s site.
Follow the procedure and choose “Équipe Autonomiste”