Not what you may have thought: Québécois and Canadians hold the same views on unreasonable accommodation - News item

Contrary to a message being spread by the media and by many politicians, Québécois and Canadians hold fairly similar views on immigrant integration and “reasonable accommodation.” In 2006, 77% of all Canadians felt that immigrants should adapt fully to Canadian culture (Fig. 31 p. 23, in Soroka and Robertson 2010). On the issue of reasonable accommodation, in 2009, 62% of all Canadians and 74% of all Québécois did not wish to modify laws and norms to accommodate minorities (Fig. 32 p. 24 in Soroka and Robertson 2010). Of course, immigrants will integrate more readily if the level of immigration is reasonable. Right now, in relation to its population, Quebec is taking in twice as many immigrants as any other country in the world, including the United States and France.
Reference: Stuart Soroka and Sarah Roberton. 2010. A literature review of Public Opinion Research on Canadian attitudes towards multiculturalism and immigration, 2006-2009. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 48 pages.

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