Politics 101

Contribution to a political party
Elector can make contribution (donation) to a political party.

  • Contribution gives a tax credit :

« Subject to the conditions and rules established by Revenu Québec, the payment of a political contribution can give rise to a tax credit. The maximum tax credit can reach $310 (85% of the first segment of $100 and 75% of the second segment of $300). »

  • Public nature of a contribution

« The Directeur général des élections makes accessible on his web-site the name of the elector, the city and the postal code of his domicile, the total amount of the contributions paid as well as the name of the authorized party, authorized independent member or authorized independent candidate for whose benefit the contribution or contributions were made, not later than 30 working days after the cashing of the contribution. »
Source : http://www.electionsquebec.qc.ca/english/provincial/financing-and-election-expenses/contributions.php

Laws that govern our political procedures

Choose your party
The Équipe autonomiste advocates freedom of choice and the accountability of individuals.
Make a choice that suits your preference. List of provincial authorized political parties at DGEQ